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Get 20% OFF Frozen French Ceps (Porcini Mushrooms)

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Deep in the heart of French forests, a hidden treasure awaits. French Ceps, the king of mushrooms, emerges. Get 20% OFF Frozen French Ceps (Porcini Mushrooms). Unearth this treasure of the forest, hand-picked at the peak of perfection.

Frozen French Ceps (Porcini Mushrooms)
Frozen French Ceps
(Porcini Mushrooms)

 ₱1195 / 500 g
 NOW  ₱956 / 500 g

Each cep, a treasure trove of earthy, nutty flavor that intensifies when cooked.

Add in a light pasta dish or have them grilled and they’d be a perfect match to Prosecco Rosé - still at 20% OFF until this week only.

Prosecco Rose
Prosecco Rose
 ₱675 / 750 ml
 NOW  ₱540 / 750 ml

Or, pair them with your favorite red, white, or sparkling! Shop the Grand Wine Clearance & save 15%. Stocks are running out fast, so grab your bottles before they’re all gone!

Same with our highly-acclaimed cheese: 10% OFF St. Maure Ashed Goat Cheese and Boursin (Garlic & Herbs) while supplies last!

Goat Cheese St Maure - Ashed
Goat Cheese St Maure - Ashed
 ₱960 / 250 g
 NOW  ₱864 / 250 g
Boursin (Garlic & Herbs)
Boursin (Garlic & Herbs)
 ₱445 / 150 g
 NOW  ₱400 / 150 g

Ceps deal is up to March 2 only.

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