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Get 20% OFF 10 Mini Raisin Swirls

Monday, November 13, 2023

Indulge in bite-sized bliss with our Mini Raisin Swirls, now at 20% OFF! Experience the epitome of flaky pastry goodness, filled with a velvety confectioner's custard and adorned with plump, sun-kissed raisins. Bake them to perfection and savor the symphony of textures and flavors.

Mini Raisin Swirls
Mini Raisin Swirls
 ₱350/ 10 pcs
 NOW  ₱280/ 10 pcs

These delectable treats are perfectly portioned for on-the-go snacking, breakfast spreads, or holiday appetizers.

How about a dollop of buttery goodness on them? Go for the healthier choice and save with our deal: 30% Off Buttery Coconut Oil Spread until this week only.

Buttery Coconut Oil Spread
Buttery Coconut Oil Spread
 NOW  ₱119

The pastry offer runs November 26 only.

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