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Pork Rillette

Homemade quality recipe, 300g
Delivered chilled
₱ 390
Sold per jar Pork Rillette

300 g

A culinary delicacy made from a traditional authentic French recipe. Slow-cooked over low heat in its own fat, these luscious pork shreds are all-natural and homemade, smooth and tasty. Similar to pâtés, it makes a great spread that lasts longer. This culinary preparation originated from Touraine, France during the 15th century and was made famous only by the city of Le Mans by the end of the 19th century.

How to Serve Pork Rillettes

  •        Simply spread on a slice of country bread, baguette slices, on a grilled toast, or crackers.
  •        Add in a charcuterie or cold cuts platter or in a salad.
  •        It can be eaten in the form of a sandwich or mini club sandwiches, with gherkins, sour onions on the side, or paired with full-bodied Bordeaux-type red wine for an enjoyable aperitif.

Serving Suggestion:

Charcuterie Platter


1 pack Prosciutto Di San Daniele, halved
1/2 pack Saucisson Sec Le Dodu pur Porc, cut into thin slices
8 Cornichons (Gherkin Pickles), halved lengthwise
Romaine lettuce leaves
Pork rillette
Sourdough baguette, sliced
Bordeaux red wine


On a serving plate, arrange the charcuteries, lettuce, and cornichons.
Spread some pork rillettes onto sliced sourdough baguettes and crackers.
Place the bread on the plate.
Pour the red on a wine glass.
Serve and enjoy!

Pork meat, pork fat, water, spices, salt, pepper.

Pork Rillette Nutrition Facts



Refrigerate after opening.

Shelf life: 18 months in the refrigerator.

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Product reviews for Pork Rillette

4/14/2021 5:01 PM
very good and tasty rilette
This is great. this has become my most preferred brand, good job guys!
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1/12/2021 6:15 PM
very good and tasty rillette
great texture and taste, not too greasy
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