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Frozen Mixed Berries

Frozen Healty Food
1lb (454g) per bag

750 PHP / kg
₱ 340

This cocktail is a blend of whole red fruits, the varieties of which have been selected for their taste quality: Raspberry, Redcurrant. Blackberry and Blueberry. Picked when ripe then sorted, cleaned, and frozen to retain all the benefits. These red fruits will do justice to your homemade pies, fruit salads, and sundaes. These are ideal ingredients also to prepare tasty smoothies and excellent jams.

Raspberry, Redcurrant. Blackberry, Blueberry

Average Nutritional Values Per 100 g
Energy 221 kJ  53 kcal
Total Fat  0.5 g  
Saturated Fat  0 g  
Total Carbohydrates  7.9 g  
Fiber 0 g  
Sugars 6.4 g  
Protein  1.1 g  
Salt  0.01 g  

Percent values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


In the freezer at 0°F (–18°C) or below.

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Product reviews for Frozen Mixed Berries

12/2/2021 6:42 PM
Super handy I could just pour them into the blender straight from the freezer. I even just eat them after washing a bit.
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