Cereal Loaf

Frozen cereal loaf with five cereals (pain aux céréales)
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Cereal Loaf

1 lb

A subtle blend of flour and 5 cereals (sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, yellow flax seeds, brown flax seeds, malted wheat flakes), this multigrain bread loaf is made with imported ingredients from France, frozen and can be reheated fresh anytime.

Luscious brown crispy hard outer crust and soft interior giving it a rustic appeal with nutrient-dense seeds that are good for the body and add good taste variety to the bread. Perfect pair with a hearty soup or a lump of butter. Ideal for breakfast to fully boost the energy. Suitable for vegetarians, too.

Delicious healthy bread delivered freshly bake.

Defrosting Instructions:

Defrost at room temperature for 15-30 minutes.

Baking Instructions:

Convection oven - bake for 10-15 minutes at 200°C.

Health Benefits:

This multi-seeded bread is a good source of fiber and very low in fat with minimal sugar. Adding the seeds gives its nutritional profile a kick. These seeds are rich in essential fatty acids, amino acids, and boost vitamins and minerals contents.

It is also a decent source of fiber. A hundred grams grams serving of this loaf provides 4 grams of dietary fiber or 16% of the daily recommended intake.

A good amount of iron with 12% of the daily value need of the same serving can be obtained from this bread. It is also rich in manganese, an essential mineral that plays a role in blood sugar regulation, blood-clotting production, and brain function.

Serving Ideas:

- a great and healthy choice for breakfast that finely accompanies a cheddar and a fruit
- works well with a spread of butter or a hearty bowl of stew or soup
- blends wonderfully with a salad for dinner as well as a dish of red meat


Wheat flour, water, cereals (sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, yellow flax seeds, brown flax seeds, malted wheat flakes), sourdough, wheat gluten, salt, yeast.

*Allergen advice: contains wheat, gluten, sesame. May contain traces of nuts and soya.

Directions and Storage:

Store in the freezer.
Reheat to be used within 24 hours.

Origin: France

Recipe Suggestion:

Tomato-Cheese Cereal Loaf Toast


2 slices of Cereal loaf
1/2 tbsp unsalted butter, softened
2 thick slices of cheedar cheese
1 tomato, sliced


Spread butter on each slice thinly.
On one slice, layer the cheddar cheese and tomato
Top with the other slice.
Press sandwich gently to hold it together.
Toast sandwich in oven toaster until upper surface is browned, around 4 to 5 minutes.
Flip the sandwich over, and toast for another 2 minutes or until browned.
Cut the sandwich in half.
Serve and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

Cereal Loaf Nutrition Facts

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love the taste
Pretty good, delivered in perfect frozen condition, easily defrosted and baked. I can keep half of it in the freezer for another day's consumption, no problem.
From: Luce | Date: 6/30/2020 11:57 PM
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