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France has some of the best wines in the world. We've curated the great white wines for you in a wide array of varietals from Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Muscadet, Pinot gris, Riesling, and a whole lot more! Something light or something more robust, ideal for drinking during warmer weather. Browse the best find here! Shop online for delivery in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Chardonnay - If you're looking for a wine with a little bit of body, try a chardonnay. It's often described as having buttery flavors, and it pairs well with foods such as seafood, chicken, and pasta. Sauvignon Blanc - Typically made from grapes grown in the Loire Valley region. This grape variety produces a dry white wine that is usually served chilled. Sweet and a little bit heavier than a pinot gris, so it pairs well with foods that are rich in fat and sugar. Pinot Gris - If you're looking for a crisp, refreshing white wine with a hint of sweetness, then try a pinot gris. It has a fruity flavor profile and is perfect for summertime drinks and pairs well with salads, vegetables, and fish. It's a lighter style of wine than sauvignon blanc and it's often served at room temperature. Muscadet - Slightly lighter in color and body than sauvignon blanc with flavors that tend to be fruitier. Riesling - In general, rieslings are sweeter and fuller bodied than chardonnays. They also tend to have higher acidity levels, making them perfect for drinking with food.