Free-Range Chicken Oyster

Pamora Farm Sot l'y laisse, 500g per pack
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Free-Range Chicken Oyster

500 g per pack

The only two oyster-shaped small round pieces of dark meat located at the back of the thigh of chicken. The most tender and tasteful part of the poultry. Also the most coveted part sought after by the chefs, a true delicacy.

Get these parts already extracted, served to you on a silvery platter to better explore cooking and discover more luscious recipes.

Origin: Philippines

Health Benefits:

Dark meat is an excellent source of protein with its essential amino acid in high doses. These parts when cooked provides 50% of the daily value need for every one hundred grams serving.

It is also a great source of Selenium with 42% provision of the same serving. Good amounts of these vitamins and minerals can be obtained as well - niacin, phosphorous, B6, B12, calcium, iron and zinc - ranging from 7%-29% of the daily recommendation.

Furthermore, dark meat is also rich in myoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen and helps muscles for their movements.

How to Cook Ideas:

- roast on a skewer as chicken oyster yakitori
- great in tomato sauce
- can be prepared in sesame oil
- great combined with your stewed veggies or noodles

Pamora Farm Free-Range Chickens:
From quality colored chicken breed from France, the first generation of offsprings (Quality F1) are raised in Pamora Farm with housing already prepared for brooding two weeks before their arrival. Top practices are observed to ensure bio-security of both the flock and of the farm.

Chicks are kept for the 21 days for brooding then they are set free to move freely on an open farm to feed themselves with organic natural food on the ground. As these breeds are a slow growing type of broilers, they are also fed only necessary feeding and drinking quantity suiting their age. Herbal medicines are also given as necessary.

Pop culture!
- Made famous by the french fim "Amélie" where a character roasts a chicken every night and carves the whole of it extracting the oysters and eating them first.
- MasterChef and MasterChef Jr tv shows in the US where contestants make use of chicken oysters to make luscious distinct main dishes and appetizers.


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Free-Range Chicken Oyster Nutrition Facts

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it's awesome, it's delicious
Frozen just right, tender, juicy and flavorful when cooked. Awesome.
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