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Free-Range Chicken (Local)

Shop for excellent quality free-range chicken online for delivery to your home in Metro Manila. Locally grown, farmed, and produced in the Philippines. Nutritious chicken for your classic chicken tinola, festive fried chicken, chicken soups, chicken salads, chicken curry, or roasted chicken. Free-range chicken meat is a great source of lean protein along with its several amino acids, and nutrients.
Our free-range chickens are raised with care and attention by local farms, ensuring that they are able to roam and forage in open pastures. This results in a healthier and happier bird, which in turn produces meat that is more flavourful and nutritious. These chickens are never given antibiotics nor hormones, and are fed a natural diet that is free from GMOs and other harmful additives.

- Healthier and more nutritious meat
- Better flavor and texture
- Supports local farmers and sustainable agriculture
- Ethical and humane treatment of animals