Frankfurter Sausages

Cooked, smoked
700-750g (5 pieces)
Delivered Frozen
₱350.00 / pack


5 pieces

Also called franks, these sausages are very fine cooked and smoked frankfurter sausages with mild and meaty flavor.

Juicy and tasty, served traditionally with bread, horseradish, mustard, or potato salad. Not only do they make excellent sandwiches, cut into bite-sized pieces, cued on skewers with cheese or marshmallow and they also make great appetizers usually enjoyed by kids. They also make excellent topping for your bed of green salad or tomato dish. Pan-fry them with chilis and onions add tomato sauce for a luscious piquant dish.

Named after where it originated, Frankfurt, Germany.

Ingredients: Pork Meat, Beef Meat, Pork Fat, Water, NPS, Spices, Phosphate, Natural Hog Casing

Delivery and Packaging:

Delivered frozen, vacuum packed by 5 pieces
Weight: 700-750 grams / pack

Storage and Shelf Life

Store chilled + 1 C, Frozen -18 - 20 C

Chilled 14 days, Frozen 60 days


Can be grilled, boiled, pan-fried

Recipe Suggestion:

French Frankfurter Roll


French baguette, cut the same size as the sausage
Frankfurter sausages
Boursin garlic & herbs
Cheddar cheese


Slice baguette in half and lay a frankfurter.
Spread boursin garlic & herbs.
Layer a slice of cheddar cheese.
Heat in oven toaster for 3-5 minutes.
Serve & enjoy!


Nutrition Facts

Frankfurter Sausages Nutrition Facts

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I buy these regularly here because of the quality and the packaging. Fine quality, texture and taste. Packed very well.
From: Der | Date: 8/5/2020 11:11 PM
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