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Featured Pick of The Week: 30% Off Rubino Red Wine Vinegar

Monday, November 20, 2023

Discover our top pick for this week - 30% Off Rubino Red Wine Vinegar by Terre Bormane. This aged red wine vinegar will give an extra gourmet kick and enhance the taste of your holiday dishes.

RUBINO Red Wine Vinegar
RUBINO Red Wine Vinegar
 ₱390/ 500 ml
 NOW  ₱273/ 500 ml

Just a few drops of this vinegar are enough to experience the difference - its unique tangy flavor, vibrant taste, and pleasant aroma brought by carefully selected wines produced in Piemonte.

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Mini Raisin Swirls
Mini Raisin Swirls
 ₱350/ 10 pcs
 NOW  ₱280/ 10 pcs

Featured offer is until December 3 only.

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