English Bangers

Medium coarse fresh sausage
660g (14 pieces)
Delivered Frozen
₱380.00 / pack

 Raw medium coarse fresh sausage. Meaty with generous flavor of sage. 

Funtastic addition to serve during house parties or simple homemade dinners.

 Ingredients: Pork Meat, Pork Fat, Water, Bread Crumbs, Salt, Spices, Phosphate, Natural Sheep Casing

Weight: 660 grams / pack

Packaging: Frozen, vacuum packed per 14 pieces

Storage and Shelf Life

Store Chilled +1-4, C Frozen -18 - 20 C

Store Chilled 3 days, Frozen 60 days


Can be grilled, pan-fried


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Flavor was fantastic.
Served this as part of the full English breakfast.  Flavor and taste was fantastic.
From: Edmund | Date: 1/2/2018 6:07 PM
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