Dulong Reserve Sauternes

Bordeaux, France
500 ml
₱850.00 / bottle
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Dulong Reserve Sauternes

500 ml

The uniqueness of Dulong Reserve Sauternes lies in its relatively high proportion of sugar, which remains significant even after the process of fermentation, thus providing an onctuous sensation on the palate. The grapes were harvested by hand and pressed in the winery freshly harvested to extract the freshness of their juices, flavours and sweetness. The winery master then works on alcoholic fermentation transforming sugar into alcohol. 

Tasting notes

Rich flavoured wine with flavours that are gradually unveiled giving a well balanced sweetness and freshness on the palate.

A lovely color of straw yellow with nose that combines a subtle combination of citrus, spices and fruits, honey and white flowers, blended into a distinct rich taste.


Ideal pair to an aperitif, with saffron cheese pastries, or with a foie-gras based starter. Goes well with roasted white meat or poultry with candied lemon, sweetbreads with wild mushrooms, roquefort cheese and tropical fruit desserts or a yellow peach tart.

Grape Variety
80% Sémilion, 15% Sauvignon, 5% Muscadelle

Aging: 18 months in barrels

Aging potential:​ 4 - 10 years with evolution of the sensorial profile

Serving temperature: 8-10 °C

Alcohol content: 13%

[source: dourthe.com]

*Fair warning: Alcohol is dangerous for the health. Drink responsibly.


Fact Sheet

Dulong Reserve Sauternes Fact Sheet

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