Dulong Bordeaux Merlot-Cabernet

France, Bordeaux
₱550.00 / bottle
Healty Food

Tasting notes

A lovely ruby colour. A complex nose of red berry fruits (raspberry, black cherry and blackcurrant), spicy aromas (cinnamon, liquorice, clove) and smoked notes (cocoa, caramel). The wine is round, full-bodied with silky tannins and well balanced. Its finish is long and fruity with notes of gingerbread, caramel and black pepper. 


This wine will sublimate red meats, whether grilled or with its sauce, as well as with game and soft cheeses. This wine develops its wonderful aromas even further with 2 hours decanting before drinking.


Harvesting at optimal maturity of plots selected at our partners’ wine growers. Destemming, crushing, long and gentle macerations at a moderated temperature (26-28°C) in order to preserve the roundness and the fruit. Pumpovers to extract the tannins necessary to the ageing. 

Winemaker Notes

Serving condition in C° : 16 – 18°C
Cellar potential :​ 7 years

This wine is born from a partnership between La Maison Dulong, a familly of productors and wine trader since 1873, and Michel Rolland, prestigious international winemaker.

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