Dom Pérignon Blanc in box

France, Champagne
In box
750 ml
₱9900.00 / bottle
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Dom Pérignon Blanc 2005 P1 in Box

750 ml bottle

With an average elaboration time of nine years, this vintage is largely complete, rhythmic, and tactile.

This is the flagship vintage of Dom Pérignon with an alluring play on power, zest in its flavor, making it an iconic vintage for newbies and enthusiast alike. 

Tasting notes

Palate: Taste champagne that is strong in its character, and has a powerful presence. The overall impression is structured, focused, firm and dense. Intringuingly spicy and flowerly finish. 

Nose: Rich boquet that is remarkable. First, a wave of intense fruit impression that is more black than red, melting into silvery minerality. Praline and coriander notes complement the whole. 

About Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon is touted to provide a "Divine Experience" and coincidentally, its history tells the tale of a wine born of the talent of an extraordinary monk who wanted to create the best wine in the world. With a full commitment to excellence and perfection in every step of creation, Dom Pérignon is able to achieve that divinity through a seamless mouthfeel with a complete sensorial experience. Embodying power with playfulness, Dom Pérignon's champagne grew in reputation over the years and has received the highest accolade magnetically attracting the most talented artists, high achievers and creators. 

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