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DiabetaMil® Vanilla Dried Fruit Cookies

Frozen Healty Food
10 sachets/box, 2 cookies/sachet
Suitable for Diabetics
₱ 275

DiabetaMil® Cookies - Vanilla Dried Fruit

200 g

Easy on the sweet tooth, go for this delicious vanilla dried fruit variant with dried raisins in the cookie - a healthy snack you can eat in between meals, perfect for a diabetic diet. DiabetaMil cookies fit well with the daily diet of diabetic patients - they are calorie-controlled, specially made to be compatible with a diabetic diet. A variety to add to the list of good foods for diabetics, healthier snack alternatives.

Go on and have your hands in the proverbial cookie jar without the guilt, give in to that cookie craving, keep the hunger pangs at bay, and do not worry about the sugar content.

Contents per box: 10 sachets, 2 cookies per sachet.

Flour, Margarine, Maltitol, Skim milk powder, Butter, Egg, peanut, cocoa powder, corn flakes, instant oat, food colorant caramel, Maltodextrine, emulsifier, baking soda, Acesulfame-K 10mg per serving (ADI: 15 mg/ kg body weight/day), Potassium sorbate and Vanilla flavor.

*Allergen information: contains milk, egg, peanut.

Health Benefits:

Being low in GI prevents sugar spikes. Clinically proven, foods with lower than 55 GI slowly digest and absorb the food when taken. The rise of blood glucose levels is, therefore, slowed down upon intake of food.

They also have only 100 calories, controlled calories for a healthy snack in a diabetic diet. Add with 3 regular meals at three-hour intervals a day will help maintain the amount of sugar in the blood at a stable level.


DiabetaMil Vanilla Dried Fruit Cookies Nutrition Facts


Store in a tight container after opening.

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Product reviews for DiabetaMil® Vanilla Dried Fruit Cookies

10/6/2021 8:04 PM
good tasting
excellent cookies, great tasting and indulging even for people who have sugar problems
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2/9/2021 7:43 PM
good variety
this variety is great, too with the dried fruit that adds to that yum effect
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