Condiments & mustard


Thai Fish Sauce

200 ml
Anchovy extract, seasoning giving oriental flavors to savory dishes
₱49.00 / bottle

Thai Spring Roll Sauce

200 ml
Thai sauce for spring rolls, and for for other recipes
₱85.00 / bottle

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

180 ml
Dipping sauce, condiment, marinade for chicken, fish, and seafood
₱95.00 / bottle

Organic Premium Hot Sauce

Year long fermented fully-ripened chili peppers. Diabetes friendly Coconut vinega...
₱125.00 / bottle

Healthy Tomato Ketchup

Gluten-Free, low-calorie, vegan, diabetic-friendly, low-sodium.
250 ml
₱155.00 / pack

Organic Coconut Vinegar

Diabetic friendly natural vinegar made from naturally fermented & aged sap of c...
₱215.00 / bottle

Organic Premium Soy Sauce

700 ml
No MSG. Made from naturally fermented soybeans. Non-GMO. No artificial color a...

Organic Patis - Fish Sauce

Made from fresh caught sea water fish.
₱220.00 / bottle

Organic Soy Sauce with Calaman...

700 ml
Organic Toyomansi for sauces and dipping. No MSG. Non-gmo.
₱235.00 / bottle

Mustard de Dijon

210 grams
Origin: France
Classic & renowned mustard; mill stone grinding.
₱240.00 / bottle


78 grams
₱250.00 / jar

Organic Spiced Coconut Vinegar

Spiced naturally fermented coconut sap, diabetic friendly.
₱255.00 / bottle

Mustard in Grains - E. Fallot

205 grams
Origin: France
Made using traditional techniques
₱270.00 / bottle

Green Peppercorn Mustard

250 mg
Pommery, France
₱650.00 / jar

Pommery Meaux Mustard

250 grams
Origin: France
Smooth and taste all-natural whole-grained mustard
₱650.00 / pack

Pommery® Honey Mustard

250 mg
Pommery, France
₱650.00 / jar

Royal Mustard with Cognac

250 mg
Pommery, France
₱690.00 / jar

Black Balsamic Cream

500 ml
Terre Bormane, Italy
₱1490.00 / bottle