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Sherry Vinegar

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500 ml. by Clovis
Vinaigre de Xérès
₱ 350

Clovis Sherry Wine Vinegar

500 ml

It is called vinaigre de Xérès in French and vinagre de Jerez in Spanish. This Sherry vinegar reserve, produced from the slow transformation into oak barrels of wines from the province of Jeres at the southern tip of Andalusia in Spain. Its nose is reminiscent of cooked wines and dry wood. This powerful vinegar, with a pronounced nut and Madeira flavor, goes very well with walnut oil for mixed salads. It is also ideal for deglazing veal livers or for flavoring white meat sauces.

Recipe Suggestion:

Lentil salad with foie gras and smoked duck breast


100 g cooked weight lentils or 100 g net drained canned lentils
45 g smoked duck breast (fat taken out)
35 g foie gras
1 tsp sherry vinegar
1 tsp mustard
1/2 clove of garlic
2/3 sprigs of chives
Salt and pepper


Let the cooked lentils cool or rinse or drain the canned lentils.
Season with vinegar, mustard, crushed garlic, chopped chives. Pepper.
Cut half of the duck breasts into small pieces, taking care to remove the fat. Mix with lentils.
Arrange the lentils in the center of the plate using a circle and arrange the strips of defatted duck breast around.
Place the thin slice of foie gras on the lentils.
Serve and enjoy!

lentil salad foie gras smoked duck breast recipe

Sherry vinegar, sulfites. 7% acidity.

Allergen: contains sulfites.

Sherry Vinegar Nutrition Value


Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

Shelf life: Vinegar is part of the list of food exempted from expiry.

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Product reviews for Sherry Vinegar

7/24/2020 7:27 PM
Softer wine vinegar
Just the right kind of wine vinegar - not too acidic, not too strong, not overpowering. Works nicely in salad dressings or glazing meats.
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