Cinnamon Swirl

Freshly baked swirled pastry with a cinnamon custard filling
₱85.00 / piece
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Cinnamon Roll

Or cinnamon snail, cinnamon Danish, or cinnamon bun. It is a swirl of sweetness commonly eaten in breakfast, dessert, or snack. It has rich and full of flavor, soft with little bursts of cinnamon.

Dainty swirled pastry filled with cinnamon custard, made with imported ingredients from France, baked fresh daily.

Serving Ideas:

- Sweet goodness to share during get together with friends.
- In some places, it can be topped with cream cheese or served with icing or glaze.
- Gourmet sweet rolls and brighten up your snacking day.
- Pack as baon to add sweetness to the smiles of the kids and give them a roll.


wheat flour, cinnamon custard, butter, eggs, water, sugar, yeast, wheat gluten, salt, enzymes, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid).


Delivered freshly baked.
*Best consumed on day of delivery. If storing for later consumption, freeze to preserve freshness.

Re-heating Instructions:

Lightly warm in the oven toaster for 1-3 minutes.

Fun trivia:
This roll is called "kanelbulle" in Sweden, presumed origin of this pastry, which means cinnamon bun. Their Cinnamon Roll Day "kanelbullens dag" has been designated on October 4 since 1999. 

Origin: France

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