Chilean Seabass Fillets

600 g per pack (4 portions) Origin : Chile Php 3590.00 / kg
₱2150.00 / pack
Healty Food

Chilean Sea Bass Fillets, Sliced per Portion, Skin On

PhP 3590.00 / kg

Level-up your fish fillet cooking with this gourmet fish and expand your seafood recipe repertoire. 

The quality white oily meat has moist large thick flakes. It has high fish oil content making it cook so well, giving a tender, rich, and a melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

Called the Patagonian toothfish, this carnivorous fish also goes by the name of Antartic cod, tallywag, Mero, Austromerluza negra, Bacalao de profundidad, and Légine australe in other parts of the world.

Health Benefits

One of the best sources of high-quality protein including high doses of some amino acids, the building blocks of life. It will keep you strong and satisfied.

Abundant in heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids that keep the cardiovascular and cognitive system healthy and fight off inflammation in the body. It also keeps the eye health in check.

An effective weight loss aid being high in protein, 0 carb, and rich in fish oil that help reduce fat stockage in the body.

It is also packed with metabolism/thyroid/bone-friendly Selenium, that also helps in reducing cancer risk. A hundred-gram serving of these hearty fillets provide 52% of the daily value for this mighty mineral.

A good source of Phosphorus 19%, and Vitamin B6, 20% of the daily value. It has moderate amount of Magnesium, too.

How to Cook Ideas

- Sauté or poach with light cream sauces only as the fillet meat itself has its own flavor
- Pan-fry and eat on its own
- Broil in a baking dish spread thinly with olive oil and dash with salt + ground pepper squeezing some drops of lemon
- Oven-bake with sprinkes of parsley or herbs until fillets flake easily

*Chilean sea bass fillets should be handled with care to keep them from falling apart.

Origin: Chile


Delivered frozen
Vacuum packed per pieces of 4
Weight: 600g per pack


Nutrition Facts

Chilean Seabass Fillets Nutrition Facts

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real good!
These frozen fillets are real good! Got 'em in good condition and they cooked nicely with moist texture and satisfying taste.
From: Tim | Date: 4/24/2019 1:17 AM
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