French Chicken Liver Pâté

Pamora French Traditional Home-made Free-Range Chicken Liver Pâté
₱135.00 / jar

French Chicken Liver Pâté

100g per jar

A smooth blend of chicken liver, pork and seasons cooked to be made into a rich spread or paste. This homemade pâté is good for appetizers, pica-pica with toasted bread, crackers or any other bread, and even for sandwiches. Served hot or cold.

This robust pâté will bring excitement to your table during special occasions like Christmas or New Year or even during normal days as light meal, spread on bread for breakfast or snack, a picnic treat, or on your party platter.


Chicken Liver, Pork, Salt, Pepper, Dry Herbs, Brandy - Contains No Artificial Preservatives

French Homemade Pâtés

Created by Monsieur Gérard PAPILLON using the old-fashioned recipes all the way back from his Arrière Grand-Mère Jeanne PAPILLON. Different pates using Pamora's free-range chickens are made, now six varieties of french patés. 

Pamora Farm's traditional homemade pâtés are mixtures of meat with a myriad of flavorings blended together into a paste for spread. Preserving meat of any kind has been a traditional practice in France by peasants. This tradition lives on through generations.

Taste the difference, know the difference and like all of them with Pamora Farm’s French Traditional Home-made Pâtés.

Origin: Philippines

Health Benefits:

The highlight of these pâtés lies on the increase in vitamin and mineral intake and micronutrient boost promoting some health benefits.

Eating pâtés gives an increase intake of vitamins A, B-vitamin complex particularly B12, B2, B7, and B5 and B3. Vitamin A contributes to the immune system health and white blood cells and the B vitamins for the red blood cells and other tissues for vital organ functions. Some of these have antioxidant properties while others play a role in fighting cancer and DNA makeup.

Snacking on pâté gives more selenium that regulate immune function and plays a role to support thyroid function. Enzyme-activating copper is offered as well in this treat for better brain cellular communication and addition of protein for tissue strength. Iron and zinc are present as well, which will help the body transport and store oxygen and good for the immune system, brain function, skin health, and growth respectively.

Fair warning: this is also high in fat and cholesterol, consume in moderation.

Serving Ideas:

- Cheese platters are delicious, simple-to-make appetizers that are perfect for parties or snacks. Adding cubed French Chicken Liver Pâté makes a perfect compliment to various cheeses.

- Top of the toppings for your crisp Crostinis or brilliant bruschetta - grilled bread slices topped with cubed tomatoes, olive paste, and the lucious liver pâté.

- Simply spread on a baguette bread, sprinkle with herbs and have a quiet morning moment.

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very nice and appetizing
plays well with bruschettas, as appetizers, a real gourmet feel..great for party starters
From: Alex | Date: 10/30/2017 5:51 PM
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yup, it's good
Better than the usual liver spread, especially on toasted bread or crackers
From: Bonabelle | Date: 10/20/2017 11:56 AM
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