Chicken Breast & Liver Pâté

Pamora French Traditional Home-made Free-Range Chicken Breast & Liver Pâté
₱135.00 / jar

Chicken Breast & Liver Pâté

100g per jar

Get the best of both tastes of chicken breasts and chiken livers seasoned with spices and herbs to make a wonderful tasty spread.

This satisfying pâté is perfect for special occasions, mild flavor, velvety smooth texture to add excitement to the toasts. An appetizer, a party treat, as a snack, light meal, or whenever you feel like it.

Chicken breast & liver, Pork, Salt, Pepper, Dry Herbs, and Brandy - Contains No Artificial Preservatives

Health Benefits:

An increase in vitamin and mineral intake as well as a boost in micronutrients, which provide various health benefits, is offered when eating this pate.

Snacking on this offers a good dose of vitamin A, which is good for the eye sight, white blood cell health, and immune system. It is also a good source of B vitamins such as B12, B7, B5, B3 and B2 that are beneficial to the red blood cells, tissues and vital organs. The complex also has antioxidant and anti-cancer properties and play a role in the make up and repair of DNA.

It boosts the mineral intake as well providing selenium, for the good function of the immune system and good support of thyroid function. Copper is being provided as well that helps activate enzymes for the communication of brain cells and addition of protein for strong tissues. Iron and zinc are sourced from here also. The former being essential for the oxygen transport and blood health, and the latter for the immune system, brain function, growth and skin health.

Fair warning: high doses of fat and cholesterol are present, moderate consumption is highly recommended.

French Homemade Pâtés

Created by Monsieur Gérard PAPILLON from a family's traditional recipe passed on by his grandmother, Jeanne PAPILLON. A tradition from generations to generations.

Another variety of the six to enjoy from the range of Pamora Farm’s French Traditional Home-made Pâtés. Experience a difference in taste, know it and love it.

Origin: Philippines

Serving Ideas:

- Chicken Breast & Liver Pâté - Serve as Tartines (mini open-faced sandwiches served on sliced French bread.)
- Serve with a light side salad, some gherkins, or coarse-textured mustard, works well with crudités
- Plate with a charcuterie or cheese platter
- Spread on fresh baguettes, grilled toasts or crackers.

Nutrition Facts

Chicken Breast-Liver Pâté Nutrition Facts

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