Ground Saffron

Ground saffron for cooking, 400 mg
₱185.00 / pack

Carmencita Ground Saffron

or Azafràn Molido in Spanish

Saffron comes from the stigma of the flower Crocus sativus. It takes to harvest several thousands of these flowers and separating each stigma by hand to be able to produce this majesty of a spice, commonly known as "red gold" and the "king of spice".

Only a bit of pinch is needed to majestically enhance the flavor and aroma of sauces, rice and meat. Worth the price in the long run! A real treasure, with all the aroma and flavour of Spanish cooking, in two formats: threads or ground, so that you can make this exclusive spice an indispensable ingredient in all your cooking. 


Usually used in curry dishes, in Persian cuisines and Spanish cooking. The ultimate season for Italian Risotto, Mexian rice, Pilaf.
Compliments fish, poultry and light meats.

Directly added at the start of the cooking process. Dissolves easily into the food.
When cooking with saffron, avoid wooden utensils.


Store in a tightly sealed container, in a cool dark place.

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great spice
great spice, turns dishes to a pretty color and adds an awesome flavor
From: Bonabelle | Date: 11/9/2017 5:30 PM
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