Calamansi Purée (Lemonsito)

1 kilo worth of pure freshly squeezed calamansi in a bottle. No sweeteners.
300 ml
₱160.00 / bottle
Healty Food

Lemonsito / Calamansi Purée by 7grains


Pure 1 kilo of freshly squeezed green calamansi juice.

Get the freshness with a bit of tangy feel, a breezy tropical drink and your daily citrus juice fix. Clean and wholesome nutrient-rich purée all ready, no need to go through the nitty-gritty of cutting and squeezing the super fruit. Pure fruit, nothing else. No added sweeteners, no added water.

Serving Ideas:

- Just a few drops to make a calamansi juice, a refreshingly healthy beverage - for a twist of gourmet, simply add muscovado, coconut sap sugar, or honey to sweeten.
- A few droplets on your morning tea will do
- Great as juice drink or mix in cocktails.
- Use as ingredient to blend sauce or marinades, dips for luscious viands, salad dressings, or homemade aioli

Health Benefits:

The citric acid content of this pure juice when added to the foods helps break down carbohydrates, fats, and protein. It also has numerous advantages for our health:

High vitamin C content that helps boost the immune system
Contains flavanoids that naturally cleanses the digestive tract
Plenty of antioxidants that helps sweep out toxins and detoxify the body, promote good eyesight, and delaying skin aging
Has astringent and antibacterial properties
Contains detoxifiers and phytochemicals
Boosts production of collagen through a burst of its ascorbic acid content
Helps in losing weight and manage cholesterol levels
Soothes acidity in the tummy

Ingredients: 1 kilogram of calamansi fruit per 300 ml bottle of puree.

Serving Instructions:

20 ml calamansi purée + 150 ml water + honey or sweetener of choice to taste

Storage Instructions:

Keeps at room temperature unopened.
Refrigerate after opening.
Natural settling may occur. 

Shelf life: 1 year from date of manufacture.

Origin: Philippines

Recipe Suggestion:

Iced Calamansi Honey Ginger Tea


60 ml calamansi purée
450 ml (2 cups) water
1 piece ginger, peeled & sliced
2 tbsp honey


Put ginger and water in a pot and bring to boil.
Cover and let ginger steep for about 15 minutes.
Add the calamansi purée and honey and stir until honey dissolves.
Remove from heat and strain ginger.
Pour in a cup and garnish with thin slices of calamansi fruit and ginger.
Add honey to your liking (optional).
Serve with ice and enjoy. 

Nutrition Facts

Calamansi / Lemonsito Puree Nutrition Facts

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only needs 1 tbsp and a half for a glass of juice and it's sweet enough, refreshing even because it's all natural. Much much better than powdered juices or those sold ready-made
From: Bonabelle | Date: 11/9/2017 4:44 PM
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