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Brunch Gourmand

Monday, October 25, 2021

Just when you don't have the time or sleeping in sounds really fun, a good old brunch is always a good idea. Have a gourmand one.


Mini Butter Croissants
Cereal Loaf
Buckwheat Loaf
Muesli Toasted Full of Fruit
Le Fruit Guava Dragon Fruit Beetroot Nectar
Frozen Raspberries
Belgian Liege Waffle Mango Jam
Black Jack Cheddar
Saucisson Sec Le Dodu pur Porc
Cucumber slices
Poached egg
Green salad
Smoked salmon slices


Arrange sliced breads, pastries, smoked salmon, green salad, and poached egg on separate plates.
Place waffles in another serving plate with mango jam on the side.
Pour muesli in a bowl and top with raspberries.
Put some raspberries and walnuts in small bowls.
Slice the saucisson and cheddar cheese, place on a plate with the cucumber slices.
Pour coffee in cups and the nectar in glasses.
Serve and share with your loved ones.