Artisan Breads

Artisan breads created with expertise. Freshly baked upon freezing. Buy breads conveniently ready to store and prepare, at the best price. For delivery in Metro Manila, Philippines

Bread to Share

Frozen baked bread rolls, pre-sliced for convenience.
₱169.00 / pack

Brioche Breads

3 pieces
Frozen brioche shaped like a traditional mini-baguette
₱260.00 / pack

Cereal Loaf

Frozen cereal loaf with five cereals (pain aux céréales)
₱199.00 / piece

Sourdough Baguettes

2 pieces
Frozen French sourdough baguette (baguette de campagne)
₱240.00 / pack

Cereal Baguettes

2 pieces
Frozen Baguette with five cereals (baguette aux céréales)
₱240.00 / pack

Multigrain Loaf

Frozen Loaf made with multigrain flour.
₱249.00 / piece

Buckwheat Loaf

Frozen artisan bread made with buckwheat flour
₱249.00 / piece

Fig Bread

310 g
Delicious bread with figs. Frozen.
₱250.00 / piece