Brioche Bread

Freshly baked brioche shaped like a traditional mini-baguette
₱89.00 / piece

Green Olive Ciabatta

Freshly baked ciabatta filled with green olives
₱99.00 / piece

French Sourdough Baguette

Freshly baked French sourdough baguette (baguette de campagne)
₱120.00 / piece

Whole Wheat Bread

Freshly baked bread with nice crust and airy texture.
₱160.00 / piece

Bread to Share

Freshly baked bread rolls, pre-sliced for convenience
₱169.00 / piece

Cereal Baguette

Freshly baked baguette with five cereals (baguette céréales)
₱120.00 / piece

Cereal Loaf

Freshly baked loaf with five cereals (pain aux céréales)
₱199.00 / piece

Multigrain Loaf

Freshly baked loaf made with multigrain flour
₱249.00 / piece

Buckwheat Loaf

Freshly baked bread made with buckwheat flour
₱249.00 / piece

Fig Bread

Delicious freshly baked bread with figs.
₱250.00 / piece

Parisien Loaf (540 g)

Special 540 g freshly baked French bread made of French wheat flour and sourdough.
₱250.00 / piece

Ready-to-bake Butter Croissant...

6 pcs per pack
Delivered Frozen: dough form
₱320.00 / pack

Ready-to-bake Chocolate Croiss...

6 pcs per pack
Delivered Frozen: dough form
₱320.00 / pack