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Taste All-Natural Proudly Pinoy Ice creams by Fog City!

If you haven't heard about Fog City Creamery yet, now is the time! They make ice cream that is both world class and proudly Pinoy.

Fog City Creamery produces artisanal ice cream made in small batches. Their flavors are inspired from the best Philippine ingredients. To make sure you try their heavenly concoctions, I'm giving you 20% off on these fantastic flavors from June 17 to June 26. You'll never be sorry you tried them!

Malagos Chocolate- uses award-winning premium cacao from Davao, supporting local farmers

Calamansi Pili- rinds provide the full essence of calamansi, with a splash of Manille Liqueur de Calamansi. Pili nuts provide the satisfying crunch.

 Ensaymada- a one-of-a-kind flavor featuring real pieces of this sweet and salty Filipino brioche. You'll definitely have this as a new favorite.

Leche Flan- creamy milk custard ice cream with leche flan bits and dayap (key lime)

 We also carry the following refined rsugar-free flavors:

Butterscotch Pecan (sugar-free)- sweetened with Coco Natura sugar, the complex rich creamy taste of the ice cream is complemented well with lots of toasted salted pecans.


Espresso Almond (sugar-free)- flavored with freshly roasted coffee beans to create that creamy and intense coffee taste, with the crunch of toasted almonds is proud to be a selected distributor of Fog City Creamery's artisanal ice cream.