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 We are thrilled to announce that top of the line Free-Range Pork and Grass-Fed Beef are now on! Get them at 20% Off Introductory pricefor this week only!

Why Is This Free-Range Pork better?

These cuts are from pigs that live a lovely life out in pasture, with comfortable space, greenery, sunlight and are fed a nutrient rich diet, adding real nutrients and flavor to the meat. These happy pigs are fed vegetation; only the good healthy stuff. They are also antibiotic and hormone free, and are never fed animal-by-products. In turn, you get pork with nice marbling, and darker with higher PH, which translate to better cooking meat.


Why Is This Grass-Fed Beef Better?

Aside from being leaner and having excellent flavor these grass-fed beef have twice the shelf life of imported beef in local markets. They are sturdier, having been raised 100% in local grasses, building up their immune system. Also, notice the difference in your casseroles and soups, they are never oily or greasy.

We hope you take this opportunity to taste the difference of these excellent, locally sourced flavorful meats that are humanely raised.

This offer is valid until October 2 only.


I am glad to bring you a fantastic selection of wines from the different regions of my home-country, France. And for you to try them all, I am giving you 20% off all wines, for this week only!

Treat your palate to variety of flavors like our reds with the soft, supple, and fruity bottle of Merlot from Languedoc-Roussillon, to fresh crisp whites such as Cheverny Blanc from the Loire Valley, to lovely rosé wine from Southwest, France.

Or try premium bottles some of which are: Pomerol Le Seuil de Mazeyres Châtau Moulin Riche, and Saint-Emillion Premier Cru Classé all from Bordeaux.

Stock up on fine wines for your office parties, afternoon barbeque, or to liven up simple home-cooked dinners. Promo is from August 5 to 14 only.

See more of our selection by clicking the button below. Click on each wine to see detailed descriptions. 

We are adding more to our selection soon, from even more wine regions around that world. So stay tuned!

All the best,

Gerald Egasse

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Do you know what a chicken oyster is? In French, it is called “sot-l'y-laisse”. Cooks call this the best and most flavorful part of the chicken!

Chicken oysters are simply the two small, oyster-shaped pieces of dark meat that lie on either side of a whole chicken’s backbone. It is an oblong muscle that’s more delicate than dark meat but more moist than white meat. They are prized because there are only two found in every chicken!
For you to discover this delicacy, I’m offering 20% off on free-range chickenoysters by Pamora Farm, for this week only, May 20-29. (extended until June 1! Try it now, click here. ) These are perfect to cook as grilled chicken skewers with your favorite marinade, in a stir-fried dish, or simply pan-fried.
All the best,