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New French & Gluten-Free Gift Sets

I’ve received requests from my regular customers to have a special gift set so they can share the best of French food with family or friends on special occasions.
As a result, here is a gift set with some great products that I have personally selected for your loved ones to enjoy:

French Gift Set

6 macarons
1 country pate
1 saucisson
1 brie cheese
1 red wine
1 buckwheat loaf
1 homemade strawberry jam

We’re also adding a special gluten-free gift set as it is also a popular and fast-growing product segment:


Gluten-Free Sampler Set 


12 chocolate chip cookies
12 chocolate mini-muffins
12 honey almond mini-muffins
1 banana carrot loaf
1 gluten-free bread
1 gluten-free baguette
1 homemade mango preserves