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Blog posts of '2020' 'February'

20% OFF Pure Honey and Natural Sweeteners

20% OFF Pure Honey and Natural Sweeteners

We offer you 20% OFF our selection of real honey and 100% natural sweeteners imported from France. Get the nutritious saccharine sweetness, naturally.

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Natural sweeteners offer nutritional benefits not found in refined sugars. Sweeten your dishes with an extra dose of nutrients. Our selection is an excellent choice for your breakfast, desserts, teas, and all sweetening needs. Honeys contain several antioxidants, including vitamin E and related substances, flavonoids, and phenolics, as well as vitamin C. Agave Syrup naturally occurring in agave plants has strong sweetening properties.


*Honey products are not suitable for children under 12 months.
*The use of natural sweeteners can have effects on health as with regular refined sugar. Consult your nutritionist if you have diabetes or any medical conditions, if you follow a strict low sugar diet, or if pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Honey Glazed Chicken Drumsticks

Honey Glazed Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

When running out of ideas for chicken dishes, why not try this glazed version sweetened by 100% natural honey with a little extra kick of royal jelly? Just a spoonful of honey to enhance not only the taste but the overall appeal of your chicken meal. Let’s get started!


3 Free-Range Chicken Drumsticks, without skin
1 spoonful Honey with Royal Jelly
3 tbsp calamansi purée or juice
1 tbsp Mixed herbs for chicken
1 red chili pepper, minced (optional)
Salt and ground black pepper


In a container, combine honey with royal jelly, calamansi juice, herbs, and minced chili.
Mix to make a marinade and pour over chicken.
Put glazed chicken in a covered container and refrigerate for at least an hour.
Grill chicken over medium heat about 450° F for around 30-35 minutes, flip every 5 minutes, cook until golden brown and juicy.
Serve and enjoy!

Final Call: 20% OFF Nutritious Muesli

20% OFF nutritious and delicious Muesli selection is until this Sunday only!
Made with natural ingredients, added with real fruits, grains, nuts, including easy take-away packs. Only from award winning and trusted brand Vitalia.

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Get 20% OFF NEW Delicious Vitalia Muesli! 

Because the road to healthy heart is paved with fibers, we offer you this Valentine's week - high fiber, nutritious and delicious muesli selection from award winning brand Vitalia. Get 20% OFF these excellent selection of Muesli made with natural ingredients, added with real fruits, grains, nuts, including easy take-away packs.

Be on the right track and make healthy and convenient muesli a staple in your diet.

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Easy Muesli

Easy Muesli

This muesli recipe is a perfect choice for everyday breakfast, even a pre-workout snack. On top of being healthy and filling, it is also so easy and very quick to prepare. Make a big batch to last you the week! Let's get started!


1 small bowl Muesli Fit & Active 
3 or more pieces Raspberries
3 or more pieces Blackberries
1-2 spoonfuls Forestberry Yogurt (or any preferred yogurt)


Pour one small portion of Muesli Fit & Active in a bowl.
Spread yogurt over.
Top with berries.
Serve and enjoy!

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