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Blog posts of '2017' 'January'

Another Great Reason To Go Organic

Fidel Lorenzo

Fidel is a down to earth farmer in Nueva Ecija, with a beautiful rice crop and and an interesting story to tell.

Sitting across from him at the office has reminded us of what heart for your produce, love for family, and pride in laborious work look like.

Monopoly in rice trade where rice are purchased at distressing prices is a common occurence in the Philippines. This means farmers waiting 4 months per little crop, in the end not earning enough even for the necessary expenses of replanting, and more so for the needs of their families.

With resourcefulness, and unwavering determination, Fidel looked past the common channels and worked on his own to find partners directly who can buy his crop at fair prices and get them online for people to buy.

Despite meager earnings as a consequence of low prices in unfair trade of rice, and even with other financiallly viable options for livelihood, he chose to become a farmer. He did this so he can be close to his family and watch his 2 kids grow up, to save the land of his family, and to continue the legacy of his father, also a farmer.

Going organic is a choice he made so that it is safe to the environment, makes farming sustainable for the next generation, as well as provide people rice that is safe to eat, same as what he wants his family to have daily.

The rice you buy at, acquired at fair prices, ensures that the hard work per little crop of local organic farmer Fidel Lorenzo, would be well rewarded.



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Why choose Organic at

• Non-Toxic. These rice only uses natural methods of soil fertilization. These are free of chemical artificial pesticides, or fungicides unlike conventional rice. Plant-based and natural methods are used in preserving the health of the grains.

 More Nutrients. Brown, red and black rice unlike white rice contains all parts, including the fibrous brand--the most nutritious part of the grain. They also have high fiber content, and will make you full faster (which means less calories).

• Supports Fair Trade. Supplied directly from farm to your table. is proud to bring you this produce by a small but bountiful farm in the rice producing region of Nueva Ecija by Fidel Lorenzo a dedicated organic farmer and friend of All the produce are acquired at fair prices to support livelihood and sustainability of farming in his area.

Buy gourmet organic rice that are delicious, nutritious that supports Fair Trade, sustainable agriculture and ecosystems.

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