USDA Choice Beef Ribeye Steak

450-500g/pack (1 pc)
Php 1690.00 / kg
Delivered frozen
₱840.00 / piece

USDA Choice Beef Ribeye Steak

Php 1690.00 / kg

This type of cut comes from the center rib section of the beef, used for superior roasting.

One of the tastiest part of the beef, juicy and flavorful. Among the elegant cuts served during dinner or outside grill parties.

Very tender meat with slight slashes of fat that makes it great for cooking fast and hot!

Health Benefits

Excellent source of Protein giving almost half of the daily needs in every 100 gram grilled-serving. This nutritient is coverted to amino acids in the body which are essential in cell health - creation, maintenance, repair and development. Ribeye steak also contains essential amino acids and those that are conditionally needed by the body during times of sickness.

Although it contains 50% of saturated fat that can raise cholesterol levels, the remaining ones are heart-friendly and can help even them out. Fats are also necessary as they allow absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K in the body.

Rich in Vitamin B12, you get 36% of the daily recommended value. This vitamin is good for the red blood cells, DNA make up and brain function.

Good source of Niacin. It also helps in red blood cells formation and brain function. Aids in maintenance of skin and nerves, and healthy digestion.

Also rich in Zinc, a trace mineral essential for regulating the immune system, for better protection against sickness. You get 39% of your daily need for every hundred-gram serving.

A decent source of Selenium, another trace mineral that helps prevent cellular damage.


Origin: USA


Frozen, vacuum packed individually
Size: 400 - 500 g per steak (1 inch thick)

Checkout price is based on the maximum weight per pack (500 g). Actual pack weight upon delivery may be lower. The final invoice will be computed according to the actual weight delivered.


How to Cook:

Here is a couple of cooking ideas:

Juicy medium-rare: on a cast iron skillet - 4 minutes on dry skillet, 3 minutes on the flipped side, 2 minutes rest

On the grill with a cast iron skillet or a grill pan: heat the grill just right, cook, sprinkle flavor salt, pepper, chili powder, up to you, until you are satisfied.



Refrigerator, 6 hours

Remove the steaks from their packaging. Assemble them as one layer onto a dish and let thaw for 6 hours.

Microwave, 3 minutes (1 steak), 6 minutes (2 steaks)

Remove the steaks from the packaging and place them in a microwavable dish. Defrost for half the time, then pause the microwave to turn the steaks over for the remainder of the time.


Cooking After Thawing

Stovetop, 4 min

Place the steaks in a hot pan with a little bit fat or on a grill and cook for the indicated time. Rare: 2 minutes over high heat, turning halfway and then 2 minutes on medium heat, turning halfway. Medium rare: 2 minutes over high heat, turning halfway, and then 3 minutes over medium heat, turning halfway.

*For food safety, recommended cooking temperature for steaks is at 145° F (medium heat) with a 3-minute rest after cooking.


USDA Choice Grade:

This grading system for beef is based on its maturity and level of fat marbling, indicating if meat is tender.

USDA grade shields system are highly regarded as symbols of safe and high-quality American beef.

Choice grade means that the beef is of high quality but marbling is a less than that of Prime grade.
It means that there is small amount of streaks of fat found within the beef cut.


Nutrition Facts

USDA Choice Beef Ribeye Steak Nutrition Facts

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Met Expectations
It was what I expected, and that is a good thing.  I wanted to try the difference between the CAB and the CHOICE cut.  While I def prefer the CAB cut, this one was adequate since I prepared the steak the night before with my dry rub mix.
From: Rudy | Date: 11/27/2017 11:38 AM
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like it grilled
This one makes an excellent grill, especially when served right out of the grill, the juices are just splendid
From: Nick | Date: 10/20/2017 7:15 PM
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like it grilled
This one makes an excellent grill, especially when served right out of the grill, oh the juices are just splendid
From: Nick | Date: 10/20/2017 11:16 AM
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great grill!
I'm a fan of steak and this one is a great cut, especially when grilled!
From: Alexie | Date: 10/13/2017 11:59 AM
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Good meat and best price!
Cooked this with only salt and pepper on a high heat pan for 6 mins (3mins on each side). Added a little butter to make it shiny. Delicious!
From: Karlo | Date: 9/29/2017 3:18 PM
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