Barako Coffee

10 capsules
Medium roast capturing the real Barako
K-cups Keurig machine compatible
₱350.00 / box
Healty Food

Kapeng Barako


Medium roast highlighting the very dark essence of Barako. Our very own variety, proudly Pinoy blend! Kapeng Barako is from the Liberica species grown in Batangas and Cavite. It is unique among its counterparts robusta, arabica, and excelsa with its authenticity, dark, and superior appeal.

A true variety for coffee lovers, which is getting more popular by the second. Experience the strength only a real coffee can bring, now within easy reach and delivered straight to your homes.

Ten coffee capsules in K-cups Keurig machineBox Compatible, the very first in our country.

Perfect in the morning to pair with breakfast, during work breaks or lunch.

Brewing just a single cup of coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or other hot beverage, Keurig K-Cup brewing systems designed a container for a single-serve coffee for the grounds, tagged as a "K-Cup" pod, which has a plastic cup, an aluminum lid, and a filter. K-cup aims to preserve freshness and easy consumption of these hot drinks.

Tasting Profile:

Barako coffee has strong taste, deep and bold, with intense unique flavor, and distinct pungent aroma.


10 capsules, 9 grams of 100% Liberica pure grounded coffee

Health Benefits:

Studies show that drinking coffee in moderation may provide a range of benefits to the health.

It may help reduce the risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes, may help lower the chances of getting Parkinson's disease, may help prevent liver disease, and may help protect against heart failure.

Also, coffee contains a good amount of antioxidants, which increases when brewed. Roasting, on the other hand, helps create health-promoting compounds that are good for the body.

It is said to help reduce other maladies such as lowering the risk of liver cirrhosis and colon cancer, reducing asthma attacks and headaches to name a few.


Origin: Philippines

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