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Authentic Greek Feta Cheese

150 grams
Authentic feta
₱ 195

Authentic Greek Feta Cheese

150 grams

This is a true Greek Feta. It is name protected and produced in Greece with a combination of sheep's and goat's milk. By European Union law, it contains a minimum of 70% sheep's milk. The flavor of this marvelous Feta find is salty, acetic, and creamy all at once. 

Famously rich, high-quality sheep and Goat milk are used to make a Feta following traditional methods.

Type: brined, soft cheese

Brand: Président

How to Serve:

- toss in salads
- top on pizza with tomatoes
- sprinkle on mashed potatoes
- skew with tropical fruits
- spread on a baguette
- stuff on or cook with veggies
- add in dips or sauces
- blend with omelets or pasta

Wine pairing: Pinot NoirSauvignon Blanc
Cheese and fruit platter: fresh watermelon, roasted red peppers, nuts
Cheeseboard: BrieFetaBlack Jack Cheddar

Recipe Suggestion:

Greek-Style Salad


100 g cucumber
100 g tomatoes
100 g green bell pepper
60 g Greek-style feta cheese
4 black olives
1 onion
1 lemon
1 tsp oregano
Salt and pepper


Cut the veggies and cheese into small cubes and toss in a salad bowl.
Mix in the juice of one lemon.
Season with the spices, blend well.
Serve and enjoy!

Greek-style Salad Recipe

Pasteurized sheep's milk (min. 70%), pasteurized goạt's milk (max. 30%), salt, rennet, cultures, calcium chloride..
*Allergen information: contains milk

Health Benefits:

Relatively low in calories in comparison to other cheeses. A good source of calcium, B vitamins, and phosphorous. It supports bone health and with the presence of probiotics, it supports gut health as well.

greek feta cheese nutrition facts


Storage: Store in a chiller, keep refrigerated at or below 4ºC.

Put cheese in a sealed container or the corner of a small zipper-lock bag. Pour in a little bit of olive oil or brine to cover the sides. Place in the refrigerator.

Shelf life: 5-7 days once opened, 1-2 weeks more in the refrigerator when properly stored at or below 4 °C, 6 months unopened in the freezer.

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Product reviews for Authentic Greek Feta Cheese

5/14/2021 5:50 PM
I'm really impressed with the selection here. This greek feta is another excellent product I bought here. It has the right notes, tang, texture, and flavor, a true greek feta, very appealing.
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4/28/2021 7:10 PM
Greek feta is incomparable and you would know that it's authentic. Flavor is bold it's so good, it can be eaten on its own with a only a sprinkle of olive oil and black pepper.
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