Australian Grass-Fed Beef

As demand for natural and wholesome foods increases in the Philippines, Australian Grass Fed Beef is being seen as an important component of a healthy diet. Raised exclusively on pasture, free from HGP (Hormone Growth Promotants), our Australian Grass Fed Beef is an excellent source of protein for consumers seeking out lean, healthy and natural meat. Delivery in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Australian Cuberoll Beef Steak

400 - 450g / pack (2 pieces)
Php 890 / kg
Delivered Frozen
₱399.00 / pack

Australian Ground Beef

500 grams / pack
Quality ground grass fed beef perfect for meat sauces or burgers.
₱290.00 / Pack

Australian Tenderloin Steak

Grass-fed Beef
550-600 g /pack (3 to 4 pcs)
PhP 1190.00/kg
₱699.00 / pack

Australian Beef Rump Cubes

454g / pack (1 lb)
Delivered frozen
₱680.00 / pack

Australian Tenderloin Tips

Grass-fed Beef
454g / pack (1 lb)
Delivered frozen
₱590.00 / pack