ADAM'S Ice Cream

ADAM’S Seriously Good Ice Cream is made by hand with super-premium ingredients and a passion for the most glorious result. All-natural ingredients sourced from all over the world are used: Madagascar vanilla, Philippine coconuts, Tasmanian cherries, French cream, and more to make ADAM’S Ice Cream fresh daily. Try each uniquely flavored ice cream, including their dairy-free and vegan flavors.

The Ambassador’s Butter Cream

Rich buttery cream with pieces of home-made Almond Brittle Candy (470 ml)
₱520.00 / 1 Pint

The Infanta’s Favorite

Grade-A Madagascar vanilla, Spanish brandy, and roasted hazelnuts (240 ml)
₱360.00 / 240ml pot

Cherry Banana

Late-season, sweet black cherries and ripe bananas (1 Pint)
₱520.00 / Pint

Black & White - Vegan

Fresh vanilla coconut ice cream with a dark chocolate swirl (1 pint)
₱520.00 / pint

Katie's Brew

Dark Sumatran coffee spiked with genuine Irish Guinness!(240 ml)
₱320.00 / 240ml pot

The Chocolate Orange Tree

Refreshing Orange ice cream with shavings of dark chocolate ribbons (240 ml)
₱320.00 / 240ml pot

Figgy Blue

Creamy, savory, Italian Blue Cheese mixed with honey soaked figs (240 ml)
₱320.00 / 240ml pot

Chocolate Mint Milano

Organic mint ice cream with dark chocolate ribbons(470 ml)
₱520.00 / Pint

The First Lady’s Fantasy

The best sugar-free chocolates sweetened w/ organic coco sugar, and a bit of honey(1 Pint)
₱520.00 / pint

Black Sesame Street

Nutty black sesame seeds and spicy fresh ginger (240 ml)
₱320.00 / 240ml pot

Lemon Dream - Vegan

Fresh organic lemons and pure coconut milk (1 pint).
₱520.00 / pint

Chiqui Monkey - Vegan

Peanut butter w/ bananas, organic coco sugar & dark chocolate chunks (1 pint)
₱520.00 / pint