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20% OFF Prime Lamb Cuts from Australia and New Zealand

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Our Best-Selling Prime Lamb meat cuts are at 20% OFF for this week only! Imported, sourced from Australia and New Zealand.

Why try lamb? It is richer in iron than chicken or fish. Also, rich in high-quality protein, and with many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12, iron, and zinc. which makes it an excellent component to your healthy diet.

All at 20% OFF*:

Lamb Leg Bone -In
₱775.00 / kg (+/-)
NEW PRICE : ₱620 / kg (+/-)
Avg. 2.5 kg per leg
Lamb Chops (French-trimmed)
₱1,600.00 / kg (+/-)
NEW PRICE : ₱1,280 / kg (+/-)
Avg. 350 - 450g, 4 to 6 pcs per pack
Lamb Chops (Standard)
₱1,190 / kg (+/-)
NEW PRICE : ₱952 / kg (+/-)
Avg. 500 - 600g, 4 pcs per pack

*Prices shown are based on estimated weights per kg. 20% markdown will be applied based on the actual weight of the items delivered.

Get this rare offer until August 11 only.

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