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Get 20% OFF New NEW Superfood Cracker Chips! Lentil Cracker Chips, Sesame Chia & Flax Crackers

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Lentil Basil Crackers

100 grams
Heart healthy crackers: Lentil & rice flour, basil, cooked in coconut oil
₱130.00 ₱104.00

Sesame, Chia & Flax Crackers

100 grams
Omega-3 loaded crackers with superfood chia seeds, sesame & flax seeds. Glu...
₱130.00 ₱104.00

Gourmet Holiday Gift Set

Set of Gourmet items perfect as gifts or corporate giveaways.
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₱999.00 / bag

Healthy Holiday Gift Set

Gifts of healthy starters for Christmas and New Year!
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₱999.00 / bag