Gluten-Free Seasoning 300ml

Fermented USDA selected soybeans gives natural "Umami" flavor the healthy way.
₱120.00 / bottle
Healty Food

Skinny Seasoning - Liquid Protein Aminos Concentrate by 7grains.

Get your umami flavor without worrying about table salt, and gluten.

These seasonings get their flavor from natural fermented soybeans (no table salt like your regular soy sauce).

Plus you get the following health benefits:

  • - 16 amino acids
  • - 10x the antioxidants of red wine
  • - Gluten-free
  • - Certified non-gmo
  • - Less calories: 1.16 calories only compared to 15-25 of reduced sodium soysauce
  • - No preservatives or added coloring
  • - Oligosaccharides supporting "friendly" bacteria in our digestive system

Substitute your soy sauce, and liquid seasonings with this healthy option to flavor your meals and healthy recipes.

Ingredients: Water, soya beans and natural flavoring.

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