Broccoli Flowers

Imported frozen broccoli flowers
Packed by 2 lb (908g)
₱199.00 / pack
Healty Food

Origin: Europe

Frozen, packed by 2 lb (908 g)

The buds of the famous green vegetable that is an excellent source of vitamin C and K, has low content of carbohydrates, contains moderate amounts of some B vitamins as raw. Healthy dose to shower on your vegetable recipes, salads, meals, soup and other recipes.


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Great quality broccoli
I love broccoli and these packs spare me of having to chop! I just get a bunch from the freezer and pop them straight into my electric grill. A timesaver!
From: Joy Anne | Date: 11/27/2017 7:39 AM
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5 stars!
order arrived on time. and the broccoli are fresh.
will order again
From: Humix | Date: 11/14/2017 6:30 PM
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