Blackcurrant Fruit Purée

1 kg, Puréed Blackcurrants
Origin: France, Delivered Frozen
₱850.00 / kg
Healty Food Healty Food

The blackcurrant is a fruit with a characteristic aroma, that grows in bunches of fleshy, juicy berries. It is considered to be one of the fruits with the highest vitamin C content. This red fruit offer a generous texture and a naturally strong odor. The purée is sweetened with 10% by weight of granulated sugar and is unpasteurized.

Weight: 1kg

Ingredients: Puréed Fruit, 10% granulated sugar

Nutritional Value (Serving Size: 100 grams)



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Great quality BUT... comes in one whole block and should not be refrozen once thawed. The purée tastes great (we mix it with yogurt), but to get smaller portions, one must go through an exercise of partial thawing, removing whatever's thawed, and then putting the rest back in the freezer. I didn't have time for that so we're eating a lot of blackcurrant yogurt this week.
From: Joy Anne | Date: 9/14/2017 2:35 PM
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